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Parental Wisdom from Decades Past
Decades ago, parenting magazines regularly encouraged parents to allow or even encourage independent activities for their young children, even though some risk was involved. Here are a few examples of such articles. You can find pdfs of the articles by clicking on the link. These examples were found by Tony Christopher, Executive Director of the National Institute for Play.

Chores That Children Like  Selma Fraiberg, child psychotherapist, in Parents' Magazine and Better Homemaking, Apr 1964,.

Three-and-a-half-year-old David's Journey  Betty Miles, in Parents' Magazine and Family Home Guide, July, 1959.

Grow with Your Children  William J. Murdoch, in Parents' Magazine, May, 1958.

Our Kids Just Play  Jean Komaiko, in Parents' Magazine and Family Home , May, 1958.

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