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Welcome to my website.  I'm a research professor at Boston College, in Psychology and Neuroscience, who has focused primarily on children's natural ways of learning and the value of play from an evolutionary perspective. This site now includes a page where you can download some of my research articles and another where you can find out about books I've authored. I have just begun building the site. When complete it will also include links to some of my recorded talks and some of my online articles. And maybe more.

I'm on the right. The cute one on the left is my brother Steve. Our grandmother dressed us up for this. Tinker Toys then were what LEGO are today.

I invite you also to follow me on facebook, view my blog post Freedom to Learn at Psychology Today, and take a look at the websites of the nonprofit organizations Let Grow and Alliance for Self-Directed Education.

Now move on to the content pages of this site.

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